The Italian Authority of Boxing is the Italian Boxing Commission for Professionals.
The Italian Authority of Boxing (ITAB) grows with the guidance of the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) and is affiliated with many global boxing organizations such as APBC.

As such, we at the Italian Authority of Boxing are determined to do our best for professional boxers with a professional license, whether they are starting their careers or hardened veterans.

The main objective of the Italian Authority of Boxing - in addition to the licensing of professional boxers and their agents of coaching, management and promotion, the sanction of professional boxing events, as well as the training and licensing of officials - is increasing medical protection health standards, to ensure that the health and safety of the young men and women participating in the sport, as well as the application of the unified rules and regulations of the Association of the Boxing Commissions (ABC) for professional boxing.

Statute ITABoxing.